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The Financial Planning Model

The Financial Planning Model is a multi-worksheet planning system into which enrollment, revenue, expenditure, staffing and audit data are entered. The system provides options to enter the financial goal of the district, staffing and staffing ratio adjustments, varying revenue and expenditure assumptions and anticipated changes in reserved accounts.

With the Financial Planning Model, a school district can simulate any financial scenario that can be envisioned. The most frequent simulations are for changed referendum amounts, changed staffing in any staff category, one-time revenues or expenditures, changed enrollment projections and staff negotiations alternatives and results. With the Financial Planning Model, a district can graph four variations in their financial plan to review the results.


FPM XXIII 2017-18 Variations

Features of the Financial Planning Model

  • Modify current year enrollment or projected Kindergarten.
  • Determine district reserve goal and see results graphed (in $$ or %%).
  • Use enrollment projected APU’s or What-If APUs to project revenues.
  • Compare the FPM revenues with What-If Revenues.
  • Plan future revenues using a dollar amount or a percentage change adjustment.
  • Calculate Referendum revenue, local optional revenue and equity.
  • Simulate referendum amounts with resulting equity revenues including inflation factor.
  • Plan future long term maintenance revenues.
  • Plan American Indian aid.
  • Plan 5 year expenditures by salaries, benefits and non-salary items.
  • Plan staffing using one of three options: use existing ratio of students to staff, hold staffing constant, or enter desired student to staff ratios for future years.
  • Reduce or add staff and view graphs of resulting staff/student ratios by grade group.
  • Simulate the reduction or addition of staff in all employee groups.
  • Simulate one-time revenue or expenditure adjustments that are not included in budgeted accounts.
  • Designate and separately monitor the status of former Fund 03 and Fund 05 revenues and expenditures.
  • Identify up to (5) Reserved Account entries and project future years reserves using the budgeted accounts for these reserve areas.
  • Facilitate discussion and presentation planning with VARIATIONS worksheet which presents multiple planning scenarios.
  • Review worksheets for 5 year projections of Revenues, Expenditures, Reserves, Summary, Executive Summary,Overview, Staffing, Funds, and Enrollment.
  • Change input variables for dynamic Power Point slides for presentations. 

The FPM is updated annually based on legislative changes and user input.  An annual user meeting is scheduled for sharing updates and networking. Users may attend the meeting in person or via webinar. 

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