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The Negotiations Costing Model

The Negotiations Costing Model was developed to assist school districts to accurately cost negotiations. The model allows the user to see the immediate summary results of dollar or percentage adjustments made to the salary schedule, and can accommodate a salary schedule with 12 lanes and 40 steps (for an additional fee SF.com can modify the system to handle more lanes/steps). The user can make unique salary schedule cell adjustments in year 1 or year 2. The model automatically prepares a district settlement summary and MSBA settlement report.

Features of the Negotiations Costing Model

  • Automatic step movement to maximum step in schedule salary matrix accommodates 12 lanes and 40 steps.
  • Immediate district summary results of Dollar or Percentage adjustments to salary schedule.
  • Immediate individual salary results of any Dollar or Percentage adjustments to salary schedule.
  • Ability to make unique salary schedule cell adjustments in settlement Years one and two.
  • Ability to estimate actual salary expenditures in Years and based on staff changes anticipated for the actual staff to be employed in Years one and two.
  • Automatic preparation of District Settlement Summary Report.
  • Automatic preparation of the MSBA Settlement Report.
  • Hold a staff member on Step in years one or year two as desired.
  • Salary Matching Programs based on Step and Lane are available.
  • Total Compensation for a Staff member is computed on the Staff worksheet. This includes all compensation areas.
  • Schedule Cell analysis is available if desired.

To learn more about negotiations support services, please click 2019-21 Negotiations Support Services.

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