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Research Series

Good information is vital to effective management. The Research Series was developed to support the information needs of school managers. These reports and systems provide information to users about their school districts and how their district compares to other MN school districts. The systems included in this series allow the district user to make a data entry determination in the report and change the results that are presented. In essence, the district user can see the comparison results on a wide range of school district issues by entering the district numbers of those districts for which the comparison reports are desired. We believe these reports are essential for information management. To see the reports included, please click 2018-19 Research Series Report Description.

The annual subscription fee for this service is $1,500. The reports will be prepared with the most current data and will be updated as new data becomes available.

Features of the Research Series

  • The Research Series is a subscription service that provides school districts with a variety of report and systems that present student, staff and financial data for school districts.
  • SchoolFinances.com uses data submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education by school.
  • The Research Series uses this data in user friendly reports and systems so that school districts can easily access this information. All of the reports and systems are programmed in Microsoft Excel. The Research Series contains Reports and Systems which are defined as:
    • A REPORT presents information on a specific topic. Enrollment History is an example. A report may allow a user to modify report parameters but the report does not contain data for multiple school districts.
    • A SYSTEM presents information for all MN school districts. A system will allow the user to change the school district(s) being examined as well as the parameters of the information being places in table and graphic format.
  • The Research Series Reports and Systems generally fall into three categories. Student information collected through MARSS. Staff information collected through STARS. Financial information collected through UFARS.
    • MARSS information includes: Fall Enrollment history, End of Year ADM history, Attendance, Graduates, Dropouts, Mobility, Residents attending elsewhere, Non-Residents being served, Non-Public enrollments, student home languages, special student population counts, and the students being served in special education programs by disability, race, and instructional setting.
    • STARS information includes: Licensed Staffing system, non licensed staffing, salary analysis system and staff training and experience.
    • UFARS information includes: Prior year expenditure review, multi-year expenditure review, UFARS exp. Research, Profiles expenditure comparisons system, and UFARS Revenues.
  • Other information developed into systems and made available to subscribers is; Building Age, Referendum history, and a multi-year revenue analysis system. We also prepare special reports and systems using data that is published and made available electronically.
  • SchoolFinances.Com provides superior customer service for the Research Series and conducts training sessions to facilitate understanding and use of these reports and systems.

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